Frequently Asked Questions

Which children are eligible for a Big Brother Big Sister?

  • Children between 6 and 14 years of age who live in Oakville, Milton, Acton and Georgetown.
  • Children who are identified as having a need for the special attention and support of a one-to-one adult mentor and/or group activities
  • Children whose parents/guardians can make a commitment for a least one year.
  • Children who have an interest and desire to be part of the Big Brother Big Sister Program.

Who are the Adults who become volunteer mentors?

  • There are 2 types of matching programs: One-to-one match with a Big Brother Big Sister or one-to-one match with a couple. Each program will be explained when you meet with the Case Manager.
  • Volunteers who are 19 years of age and over, and who appreciate the value of a supportive friendship with a child
  • Volunteers who are thoroughly screened and assessed prior to being matched.
  • Volunteers who are able to commit at least one year to the program.

How is a match made?

Making the right match between a Little Brother/Little Sister and a Volunteer is a very important part of this friendship process.
The Case Manager matches with careful consideration to the volunteer’s, child’s and guardian’s preferences in terms of location, ages, cultural/ethnic background, interests, personalities, likes, dislikes etc., to ensure computability.

Is there a cost for service?

No fee is charged for the Big Brother Big Sister service
As a non-profit agency we are partially funded by the United Ways of Oakville, Halton Hills and Milton, as well as our own self-initiated fund-raising events.

What is child safety training?

Prior to receiving service, parents and children must complete the Child Safety Program or an explanatory letter of refusal may be provided.
This program provides age appropriate information to help children and youth acquire appropriate safety knowledge and skills (including sexual abuse prevention), as well as self-esteem building information and exercises.
It is also mandatory for volunteers to complete the Child Safety Program.