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Ice Cream Dilemma

We stood in line for ice cream. My Little Sister Letecia stared blankly at the large, illuminated menu. All the usual flavours were there—chocolate chip cookie dough, tiger-tiger, cherry cheesecake, and my favourite, pistachio. But Letecia couldn’t decide.

“Have you made up your mind?” I asked.

Letecia just shook her head, eyes gazed downwards as her cheeks turned a soft shade of red.

At the time, my Little Sister was 10 and I started to realize what was happening. She couldn't read the menu.



Glen Eden: My Big and I went to Glen Eden for a snow tubing day - what fun. We climbed the hill so many times, I thought my legs would fall off but flying down the hill was so much fun....I felt like a plane! I had hot chocolate after. I never came here before and I hope I can come again. (A grateful Little). This event was partially funded by Gear Foundation.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park: This summer I went on my first overnight camping trip with Big Brothers Big Sisters at Bronte Provincial Park - it was fun. I got to help pitch a tent, build a campfire and make Smores! It rained at night, but it was fun telling stories in the tent with my Big. The next day, we went swimming and hiking and did a treasure hunt.....(a grateful Little). This event was partially funded by Oakville Community Foundation.

Thanks to funding support from Oakville Community Foundation, we are pleased to provide this report.

"We have a new grade 3 boy in our Oakville Based Homework Club. He lives in a single parent home and spends much time after school alone or in various programs. He is completely enthralled with Homework Club on Tuesdays-he truly has a spring in his step! His adult mentor is equally thrilled with her mentoring experience. Her children are grown and she wants to spend time with young children and ‘give of her parenting experience’-she’s neither a trained teacher nor a social worker but has a relationship with this young boy that is a delight."

"The young boy loves to talk, loves to story tell and his oral presentation is actually well beyond his years. His writing skills however are well below grade level-they would barely meet grade 1 standards. They talk, they laugh, they measure angles for math, calculate change for money problems, write stories for language arts and research the wildlife in the Interior Plains. Simply, they work and play together. He has the pleasure of great company and she has the pleasure of making a difference. He will benefit immensely from the one to one relationship Big Brothers Big Sisters has established for him!"