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Golf in Canada

Canada has a thriving community based around the sport of golf. Every year tourists flock to this nation to try out its numerous courses. Canada has also given the world countless professional golf players who have become big names in the sport. The PGA Tour Canada is perhaps the most well-known tournament to take place in the country. When it is held, it draws in media attention from all over the world.

Popular Canadian Golf Courses

It can be challenging to know where to start as there are so many golf courses to try out. Stewart Ridge rests at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It offers beautiful scenic views for golfers to look at it while they play. If visitors are looking for a roomier course, then Predator Ridge is best for them. In terms of particular holes, Cliffhanger in Greywold stands out. It is a par 3 6th hole that is one of Canada's most popular one-shots. Muskoka Bay features some of the most intricate green complexes in the entire country.

Famous Canadian Players

Over the years, several Canadian players have stood out. Stan Leonard was a high ranking PGA Tour stalwart throughout the 50s and 60s. He won the Canadian Professional Golf Tour 36 times. He paved the way for George Knudson, who was a big name in the 70s. He managed to finish within the Masters top ten three times. Perhaps the most prominent player of all is Mike Weir. He has eight PGA Tour wins and took the 2003 Masters.